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The Putting Template

Anyone that is familiar with me as a player or a coach knows that I am a nut for golf training aids! I have collected almost every training aid in existence over the years, but one of my all time favorites is The Putting Template from Mark R Rivard. This great putting aid is based on an arc-style stroke and teaches the proper alignment, path and face angle to help you build a repeatable stroke that will have you draining putts in no time. I have incorporated the template into my practice and pre-round routine since 2007 and I highly recommend it for players of all skill levels. The Template currently comes in three finishes; black, clear and mirror. I have several in my arsenal if you are interested in a demo, I am happy to spend time showing you how to practice with the template. I am sure you will fall in love with it as I have! For more information or to purchase visit:

Template Photos and Video Credit: Mark R Rivard


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